Multi-modal fusion by meta-initialization


When experience is scarce, models may have insufficient information to adapt to a new task. In this case, auxiliary information - such as a textual description of the task - can enable improved task inference and adaptation. In this work, we propose an extension to the Model-Agnostic Meta-Learning algorithm (MAML), which allows the model to adapt using auxiliary information as well as task experience. Our method, Fusion by Meta-Initialization (FuMI), conditions the model initialization on auxiliary information using a hypernetwork, rather than learning a single, task-agnostic initialization. Furthermore, motivated by the shortcomings of existing multi-modal few-shot learning benchmarks, we constructed iNat-Anim - a large-scale image classification dataset with succinct and visually pertinent textual class descriptions. On iNat-Anim, FuMI significantly outperforms uni-modal baselines such as MAML in the few-shot regime.

arXiv preprint
Michael Matthews
Michael Matthews
Machine Learning Researcher